Eko DUO ECG + Digital Stethoscope

Gain Unprecedented Insight Into Cardiac Function

The first device combining ECG and an electronic stethoscope, the DUO enables clinicians to get a comprehensive view of cardiovascular function without a costly, timeconsuming work-up.

£379.99 (includes UK delivery)

Delivered in 2-3 days

Product Overview

  • FDA-cleared electronic stethoscope + handheld ECG, amplifying heart sounds up to 60X and tracking electrical activity.
  • Simultaneous ECG and heart sound tracings provide unprecedented insight into cardiac function.
  • Connect with Eko App to capture, visualize and save sounds and ECGs, securely share for a second opinion.
  • Includes DUO handheld device with 9-hour rechargeable battery, software compatible with Android, iOS and Windows.
  • Add an Eko Enterprise Plan to enable Eko AI for heart murmur/AFib screening and auscultation/ECG live streaming.
  • Upgrade to an Eko Enterprise + Home Plan and prescribe to cardiovascular patients for convenient home monitoring.

Two in One Stethoscope + ECG

The most advanced device of its kind, DUO combines a powerful digital stethoscope and ECG in a single handheld device. A large audio driver and comfortable ear-tips deliver rich heart sounds, while Eko’s patient-friendly software makes it simple to visualize and share sounds and ECGs. DUO can be used by clinicians as their day-to-day stethoscope, or by patients at home for longer-term self-monitoring when prescribed by a physician

Pair with Eko Software

Pair DUO with our mobile app to unlock a powerful software toolkit.

  • Visualize heart sound waveform (phonocardiogram) & ECG (electrocardiogram) tracings in real-time.
  • Capture 15, 30, 60, or 120 second recordings.
  • Save & annotate recordings in the secure dashboard.
  • Securely share recordings for a second opinion.
  • Create a library of heart sounds & ECGs for education or to monitor the progression of a disease.
  • Perform AI-analysis for heart murmur/AFib screening and auscultation/ECG live streaming with an Eko Telehealth Plan.

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