Redmoor Health have been commissioned to deliver an innovative programme using video consultation to undertake medicine use reviews with patients who have been discharged from hospital.

The programme will link 20 pharmacists to 20 healthcare assistants and enable them to connect with each other to allow the MUR to take place with the patient.

Technical support and programme management will be provided by the Redmoor team with evaluation undertaken by Keele University’s School of Pharmacy.

Redmoor’s Digital lead for the programme, Cameron Booth said the project builds upon the work the team are doing connecting GPs to Care Homes via Skype, “We are now seeing in excess of 100 video consultations every month between GPs and care homes, so this programme is a natural progression to that. Not only will it reduce time pressures on pharmacists but it will also enable effective MURs to take place in the home ensuring when patients are discharged from hospital their medicine management is up to date.”

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Redmoor to roll out video MURs with pharmacists