A Lancashire practice has seen an increase in cervical screening after they ran a promotion campaign using Facebook.


Bay Medical in Morecambe, which supports 50,000 patients was trained to use Facebook by the Redmoor Health team in September as part of the Lancashire and South Cumbria digital exemplar programme.


After the training, they decided to focus on a specific campaign and chose cervical screening. The results were astonishing. In just one month, one post was shared over 75,000 times and reached over 1 millions people. As a result, the practice has seen an increase in cervical screening bookings by over 100 a month.


Primary care training manager for Redmoor Health, Anna Buckle, said the results spoke for themselves:

“This is free advertising and just took a little bit of dedication from the practice and support from our team and we have been blown away by the results. For a practice to get reach that most large organisations can only dream of is a credit to Cath and the team at Bay Medical. These ladies have come forward and if something is spotted early will get the best chance to make a full recovery. These are simple messages cascaded though a channel which the audience is on anyway – namely Facebook.”

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