We work with a range of partners to ensure if we don't have the skills and expertise you need, we have access to teams of professionals who can help.

Research evaluation, needs assessments

Progress Health Partnerships

Our work helps organisations make the best decisions, dispel misconceptions, inform policy, and shape programme development. As an external partner, we are able to provide clients with an unbiased view of the work, a high level of expertise, and significant experience in dealing with complex issues.


Public health training and programme delivery

PHP Active CIC

As a company we provide bespoke programmes, services and facilities that meet the needs of our clients. All PHP Active CIC programmes are built to work towards one or more of our four fundamental outcomes:

  • To improve physical health
  • To improve mental health
  • To support personal development
  • To support social and community development



Video production and editing

Moulton Media

Moulton Media is a film production company specialising in corporate & promotional videography for websites and social media. They are experienced in creating video content for a multitude of purposes including brand funded, PR, promotional, documentaries, events, corporate films for clients such as Local Government Authorities and the NHS.


Branding and Marketing

TPW Design Consultants

Established in 2001 - TPW work intuitively with a broad range of clients across all sectors. Our process involves in-depth research, strong conceptual thinking and a high attention to detail. We aim to create effective visual communication that fully engages with the intended demographic and exceeds our clients' expectations.


Independent Quality Assurance


ORCHA is the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Applications. Our main purpose is to carry out independent and impartial reviews of health and care related apps and to present this information clearly through our website and professional platforms. We use a clinically and academically validated framework to thoroughly assess apps and present the results in an easy to search app database.


Redmoor Health

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Redmoor Communications

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