Online consultation deployment across Lancashire and South Cumbria has reached 92% in just 2 years.

The programme, which is managed and deployed by Redmoor Health in partnership with Iplato has already seen significant increases in the level of online activity. In one CCG alone (Blackburn with Darwen), an innovative joint campaign between the Council, ICS and Redmoor Health PR team resulted in a 44% increase in take up of the MyGP app in just 2 months.

Managing Director, Richard Stoddart said the programme demonstrated the appetite amongst the public for using online services and the benefits that can be gained from providing some 1-1 support to practices:

“Clearly if you spend some time with practices you can go on to reap the rewards which is what we are seeing in Lancashire and South Cumbria. It may seem like an obvious thing to do but we see countless times areas struggling to get traction with online consultation simply because it is viewed as an IT solution only. Simply switching something on does not work – you need to back it up with some strong engagement and change management support which is what we have seen in this ICS.”

The programme is set to focus on some intensive support to create a minimum standard for online services with particular focus on medical records and online appointments.

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Online Consultation deployment hits 92%