The 7 ‘Cs’ to creating a digital Practice. A common cause of frustration for anyone working in the health service is the ad hoc approach taken to delivery of care by digital means.



There is no disputing the need to innovate across health and social care in order to meet the demands facing a modern health service which has to deal with complex health conditions and an ageing population. However, when we talk digital care, the focus often goes on the technology, as if simply rolling out a new tech solution will bring about the change needed. Sadly, the result is far too often obsolete equipment sat in consulting rooms or solutions that place more pressure on clinicians in an already stretched health service.


It is for this reason that across the West Midlands, in collaboration with the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network, NHS England and external digital experts, we’ve developed a support programme for primary care based on 7 key principles. These principles will create an environment whereby technology can thrive and innovation becomes the norm rather than an exception.


These seven principles will in turn create the environment necessary for our network of ‘digital practices’ to thrive. The principles are based on 7‘Cs’ –  competence, capability, capacity, confidence, creativity, communication and continuity. You can read more about the 7 C’s in this article published in Practice Business Magazine.

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Developing a digital development programme for primary care